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Some Ways To Stay Positive & Busy During These ‘Daze’

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Well, while I can’t speak for others, given this unprecedented time of uncertainty, I KNOW I am a people person. We’re expecting rain the next few days in the normally dry, sunny desert. We all but shuttered in. The library closed yesterday before I got there. The grocery shelves are devoid of necessities. Religious celebrations have been thwarted. Events are being cancelled or postponed and meeting planners, hotel and restaurant staff are but a few of those whose jobs are threatened. Gyms have closed. I’m realizing it would be easier to list those places you can still go to.

Personally, like many of you, this event has had a negative impact on me and those I love. My nephew’s wedding was postponed for months, the bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties cancelled. A New Orleans Jazz week cancelled. A visit to my elderly aunt in LA – cancelled. Who knows about summer plans.

A close friend and colleague, like many others, lost her dream job after moving to another region of the country.

Doom and gloom? Not entirely. While many of us have never seen anything quite like what we currently are experiencing, it’s not the first time something like this has occurred. September 11; wars and plagues, though many of us were unscathed, either because they happened before us or because the we personally were not so adversely impacted.

For those of us who crave contact with others, it’s a most difficult and stressful time in that realm alone. So, we are very fortunate to be in this technological age. We don’t have to be alone. We can FaceTime; use Skype, or other video means of seeing one another. Other ways of staying in contact include playing online games such as Words With Friends, sharing on Instagram, etc. Making telephone calls or emailing and texting are ways to be sure to stay in touch without physically being in touch. It’s so very important to me and I know so many of you to stay in contact with loved ones: family, friends and colleagues.

This is a time for reflection; for introspection. A time to share things we may have in abundance with those less fortunate, whether in the short-term or longer. This may be in the form of something tangible such as food, toilet paper, or other items in short supply. Or it may be intangible, like positivity.

t’s a time for self-care. A time to spend alone or with your spouse or significant other. In our home, we are trying new recipies and cooking together, pulling from our freezer and pantry. We are playing games such as scrabble, backgammon, and Yatzee, to name a few. We sit and listen to music. We are reading and doing jigsaw puzzles. We are watching reruns of television shows and new and old movies on Netflix. We are walking on the bike path every day to get our exercise. I dragged out my old hula hoop and I found a jump rope. Staying active is one of my ways to stay positive and keep the negativity at bay.

While the news of the Coronavirus changes almost hourly, it’s important to be realistic. This is a virus that will run its course, however long that will be. It is mostly out of our control. What is in our control is how we handle the situation. Much like any other circumstance we find ourselves confronted with. We have the power to be positive and I encourage our readers to do whatever you can to stay positive and help those around you to do so the same.

Be safe and healthy.

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