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About Us

Gayle Petrillo, MBA, has coached individuals, and consulted with large and small companies for more than 25 years. She has held leadership positions in for-profit and non-profit organizations. Gayle's expertise includes operations, human resources, finance, strategic planning, customer relations and business development. Additionally, she has worked in healthcare; financial services; television; and retail, selling men's and women's designer clothing, and accessories. ​​​​


Our services are uniquely different. With Gayle’s background in human resources, she has seen the good, bad and ugly in resumes and interview presentation skills. Additionally, her awareness of the acute need for customer service training in every sector serves as the foundation for her passion for training imperative skill-sets, drawing on Disney principles which can be applied across the business spectrum.


Gayle’s approach to dressing for success stems her own personal experience. As a petite woman working in a tailored environment for many years, she learned the importance of owning the right attire providing confidence in business and casual situations. She has been coaching colleagues for many years on dressing for personal comfort, self-assurance and assertiveness.


​Her passion behind First Impressions stems from being petite and having difficulty finding clothing to 'dress the part', being seen and being heard. She was fortunate enough to have had great mentors who shared their  expertise, time and tips to help her succeed and be the best she could be. 

Today, Gayle works with others to ensure they fulfill their dreams and reach their full potential by making every First Impression count.

Portrait of Gayle Petrillo
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