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Job Interviewing Is A Two-Way Street

Last week I reached out to a client I hadn’t heard from in a few weeks to inquire as to her status.

She enthusiastically informed me that although she hadn’t heard from two organizations she applied to, she was excited to have received a call from a small, local firm. She had reached out twice following the interview and hasn’t heard back.

Utilizing My Connections:

While speaking with her in person when we first met, and learning not only was she new to town and what her ideal job was, I happily referred her to three connections of mine. Two informed me that they were not hiring. The third, a large and highly thought of company, immediately responded, asking me to forward her resume, which I did. They sent her an email.

“My client has no idea whether or not she will land in that smaller company”

I was surprised and honestly frustrated that my client hadn’t responded. She explained that she was waiting to hear back from the smaller firm she interviewed with because this was her preferred job opportunity.

WOW! I leaned on my reputation with this connection, and my client chose to ignore their outreach.

Sure, I was hurt and disappointed, but it goes far beyond me. My client has no idea whether or not she will land in that smaller company whom she hasn’t heard back from, and she is refusing to move forward on other potential opportunities.

Hiring Managers Do Not Interview Just One Prospective Candidate:

In speaking with recruiting firms, other human resource contacts, and job applicants, I find this is not unusual – candidates putting all their eggs in one basket.

This is not a successful strategy. Not at all. First of all, there are generally over 100 applicants per job posting. Second, many positions are filled by referrals, either someone already within the company, or from an outsider’s lead, like me. Third, hiring managers do not interview just one prospective candidate, so even though you may land an interview, this does not guarantee a job offer.

My advice to my clients and others seeking positions in any field is to be broad in your approach. Apply to every posting that you are attracted to, even if you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications. The posting is generally created with the ideal candidate in mind. Each one of us brings a unique skill set to every opportunity, some gained through education, others gleaned from experience, many times being things that cannot be taught, such as personality traits, great customer service, etc.

What better way for you to be in charge of where you land? Interviewing is a two-way street, and if you are fortunate enough to land multiple interviews, followed by more than one job offer, you are in the driver seat and can opt for the job that best fits you.

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