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The Visionary Voice with Gayle Petrillo: Lead With Personal Power - Interviewed by Lori Diguardi.
First Impressions Image Consulting

The Visionary Voice with Gayle Petrillo: Lead With Personal Power - Interviewed by Lori Diguardi.

Personal Power Expert and Life Coach Lori Diguardi interviews Gayle Petrillo, owner of First Impressions Image Consulting and Impact Fashion Show in Tucson. Committed to success in her life, she has worked through adversities and has an inspiring story to tell. Gayle Petrillo, MBA, has coached individuals and consulted with large and small companies for more than 25 years. She has held leadership positions in for-profit and non-profit organizations. Gayle works with others to ensure they fulfill their dreams and reach their full potential by making every First Impression count. In this interview Gayle shares surprising and intimate life experiences that supported her to lead with personal power and offers wisdom that will help you be a confident leader. To learn more about Gayle or to work with her go here: Among her many quotes and advice, here are a few comments from this video: Don't be afraid to take on something new. Show and share your self confidence. Ask others for their expertise and advice. It's asking for help that boosts our confidence. I've always been of that mindset in health care and finance - not feeling threatened by hiring people who are smart and of different perspectives than I am. As women we tend to think we're expected to know everything. We need to ask for help and have the confidence to do so. Achieving my masters degree help gave me permission to have the self confidence. Two years ago I contracted Valley Fever. Two results were that I got asthma and I experienced significant hearing loss. At first I shut myself out of life on many levels where sounds and good hearing were necessary for have quality of life. A lot of my additional self confidence through my hearing aids. Going to movies was something I dreaded and now it's something I enjoy. Don't be vain.Get hearing aids. It will change your world. Collaboration is admitting that you can't do it alone. the more people who are in on a project, the better. Women think more broadly. Men think in little boxes. One aspect that helps me the most: my smile. You have the power to change someone's day. Share that smile with people. Three qualities I would recommend to others seeking success: 1. Honesty and Integrity - build rapport with people 2. Empathy - if we don't lead with emphathy and walk in someone else's shows, we are not strong leaders. - it's a necessity for women leaders - most men 3. Collaboration - Admitting we can't do it alone. Sharing your strength with others. The more people you have collaborating - the more you can be successful.
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