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Talk Back To Your Imposter Syndrome

When we reach a certain level in our career, many of us experience the imposter syndrome.

This coined phrase is misleading. Why you ask? What it really is, if you think about it carefully, it is that little voice in our own head telling us we aren’t smart enough, strong enough, good enough, blah blah blah to be where we have landed.

Did We Get Here By Accident?

“So why then do we feel like we haven’t earned our spot”

Not likely. You have probably worked hard, been acknowledged for your expertise, your experience, and the time you have put in. Additionally, others have benefitted from your knowledge, either through mentoring, coaching, or a simple piece of advice that helped them through a particular issue.

So why then do we feel like we haven’t earned our spot, wherever that spot is, whether at the head of a board table, leading a staff meeting, or at a speaking engagement in front of an audience, etc.

How do we combat that feeling? That belief?

We need to learn how to talk back to that voice in our head.

Remember Your Accomplishments, Your Strengths:

“Think about your super powers. Share your amazing gifts.”

That’s what you need to draw from to talk back. The more we draw from our positive experiences, the less we will hear, and believe, that voice, and the more we will rely on ourselves, and feel confident that we are where we belong. And just maybe, even farther along that road to our future success.

When did you make your last right decision? Or, point your team or client(s) in the right direction? What advice have you given? What positive choice did you recently make that turned some thing or someone (even yourself) around enabling the impact felt?

Think about your super powers. Share your amazing gifts. They can be your smile, your ability to flex, your passion for sports, exercise, music or art.

It’s a new year. A new beginning. Chart your course. Leave your imposter syndrome in the dirt. Wrap yourself in a hug and tell yourself you are enough; you are smart enough; you are strong; you have the experience; and, you can do it, whatever that ‘it’ is!

Have a happy, healthy, prosperous and confident year ahead.

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