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How A Childhood Tragedy Led To An Unanticipated Adult Gift

We all know 2020 was the year that wasn’t. Travel plans cancelled. Celebrations cancelled. Businesses shuttered. School and other activities moved on-line.

Are you someone who generally lays out a plan for the new year? Most coaches encourage their clients to do so. Set goals. So like many of you, I did at the start of 2020, never anticipating that what was to be my best year – more individual clients; more corporate clients; more revenue. Well, again, like many of you, my business took a huge hit when Covid reared its ugly head. Non-profits no longer had resources – people nor dollars. Small businesses struggled to keep their doors open.

The Year Of The Pivot:

One of the key words sounded most frequently during 2020 was pivot. Well, I pivoted – in a most extraordinary and unanticipated way.

I wrote a children’s book. At least that’s how it started. A gal in the audience of one of my fundraisers in 3rd quarter 2019 heard me on stage when I very briefly mentioned that I had been burned as a 2 ½ year old. It was pertinent to my introduction of our beneficiary’s founder. I had never shared any part of my story publicly.

“briefly mentioned that I had been burned as a 2 ½ year old”

Following the fundraiser, this gal suggested we go to lunch soon. When we met, there was an instant connection – tears included. Kathy encouraged me to tell my compelling story so others, particularly teens, might benefit.

With not much going on in my business, I took to the computer and following my husband’s advice (he’s a journalist) I started writing. I didn’t stop to edit or self-analyze. I just typed. Al read it. It was a good start with a lot of missing pieces. My sister and I traveled in late January to visit our mom in Florida. I thought I could fill in the blanks while with them. We did.

In February, I went back to the computer and edited away. I shared my writing with an editor friend of mine, a former neighbor who is an elementary teacher and a child psychologist. All were very encouraging. Thus, The Accident was born. And the realization that a childhood tragedy led to an unanticipated adult gift. While it is meant for children eight and up, it’s a story that even adults may relate to it, either for themselves or for their kids.

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