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Energy Leaks – 5 Signs You Have Them

I recently ran across this term and it got me wondering. What is meant by Energy Leaks?

Energy Leaks Can Happen:

One definition I found is, “An energy leak is when we’re expending energy in ways that cause an energetic deficit.”

Energy leaks can happen as a result of simply who you are and how you see things. It can impact both your personal and/or professional life.

To answer this question, I looked at what Tim Denning has to say. He writes a lot about personal development, and some of what I found was quite fascinating.

Here are some conclusions I drew. Maybe some will make sense to you as well.

“It can impact both your personal and/or professional life.”

Five Signs You Have An Energy Leak:

  1. Do you have trouble saying, “No”?

  2. Do you chose the simplest way of doing something or take a more complex route?

  3. Are you quick to label others or are you empathetic and accepting of others’ imperfections?

  4. What makes you angry and how often are you angry?

  5. Are you obsessed with success, an addiction to being a high-achiever?

I have to admit to being at fault with some of these myself.

“By setting boundaries, you can tighten your energy leaks.”

How Can We Avoid Them?

By setting boundaries, you can tighten your energy leaks. People are always ‘wanting’ something from us including family members, friends, colleagues (superiors and subordinates), clients or random strangers. Before you can give of yourself, you have to take care of yourself. That may start with learning to say, “No”. Set your priorities, or ask for feedback about the items already on your plate. And when asked to take on something, see if there is negotiation room, within yourself or with the other person(s).

Other ways to control energy leaks are by eating right, drinking water, and exercising (simply moving), which helps keep our body and minds on the right track. I know, we hear this a lot. Maybe because it’s things we take for granted and don’t look deep enough at how these things impact our lives in so many different ways.

Noise Creates Energy Leaks:

Everything in your life is either giving you energy or taking it away.”

We live in noisy environments. It goes without saying that city dwellers are surrounded by vehicle noise and people bustling around us. Noise exists in rural communities too. Those of us working from home also are surrounded by noise. We are all surrounded by noise, which comes in many forms. The internet is a good example of some of the noise that we experience every day. Do you notice how much of social media is negative? Participating in this noise can definitely create energy leaks.

To avoid some of this noise, and therefore seal some of the energy leaks, spend time alone. Enjoy nature. Read a book. Paint. Do yoga. Meditate. Shut your computer and other gadgets for a few hours, if not a day! Simply go into a room by yourself, close the door and listen to your breathing. Put your hands gently on your tummy and feel your chest rise and fall as you breathe.

Tim says, “Everything in your life is either giving you energy or taking it away.” Like the hours in a day, we all have a finite amount of energy to spend. Each of us chooses how to spend it. What are your energy leaks? How will you seal your energy leaks?

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