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Don’t Be Afraid To Toot Your Own Horn On Your Resume

You’ve worked hard, in college, at your previous jobs, and at home.

Employers today are looking for your accomplishments.”

Toot Your Own Horn:

No matter your background, you have proven abilities and there is no better place than on a resume to toot your own horn.

Where do you start? Every resume should contain your contact information, where you have worked, the role you played, and the dates of employment. Within these subsets, list at least three bullet points focusing on the most important or relevant things you did in each role. But don’t stop there.

Employers today are looking for your accomplishments. How did you impact your last employer’s bottom line? They are results-oriented, and therefore you must provide information on the impact you had in order to stand out among your competition and be considered.

Update Your Resume:

I suggest to my clients that they keep track of accomplishments as they attain them. Keep a running record of what you have done that impacted your organization in a positive way, whether department-specific or more global.

Sure, this is helpful when you update your resume (as an aside, I also coach my clients to always keep their resume up to date so it’s ready to distribute to a prospective employer at all times), but it is also very useful when it comes time for your annual performance review. It will assist you in justifying any salary negotiation you find yourself a part of.

Powerful Action Words:

The more specific you can be with the results you achieved, the more likely you will secure an interview.”

Did you increase market share? If so, by how much? Highlight with a percentage.

Did you exceed revenue budget goals? Did you decrease expenses in a category? Detail by how much.

Did you create a program, lead a project, initiate or streamline a process, prevent losing a client?

Notice the words I started each question with. These are powerful action words that identify some success. Sometimes that may be enough to attract a recruiter’s attention. The more specific you can be with the results you achieved, the more likely you will secure an interview.

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