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Are You In Sales?

“Absolutely not!” you say.

I’ll ask you to think about that. We are all in sales.

Whether you are providing products or services. Whether you have a sales team or not, and like it or not, you ARE in sales if you are in business. You are “selling” yourself. And, it only takes about seven seconds for others to form their opinions about you, whether they will like you, trust you, work with you, respect you.

Competition Is Real:

We all have competition, so what sets us apart from them? Why should our customers purchase our services or products? It is us. They buy (from) us because they like us, trust us, and respect us. We have ‘sold’ them on us.

Of course, what they purchase must be of high quality and priced appropriately. And, because they are doing business with us, wouldn’t it make sense to exceed their expectations? That’s how we continue to engage with our clients and ensure they keep coming back for the same or additional products and/or services.

“If you avoid asking, you are sure not to succeed. If you do ‘ask’, what do you have to lose?”

What Is Up-Selling?

Do you up-sell? Should you? There is nothing wrong with up-selling. Once you have garnered a client, by up-selling you may increase your opportunity to continue to call them your client. If you have provided value, and when you have built a strong relationship, then it is the next step to up-sell. What is up-selling? Up-selling is exposing your client to additional options they previously may have considered. It might include informing customers about higher-priced items, upgrades or add-ons to help you generate more revenue.

Is there a promotion your client can take advantage of in order to try something new under your umbrella? Are there samples you can provide for your customer to see if it is right for them? By purchasing multiples, would you be able to offer a discount? Sometimes all you need to do is make the ‘ask’. If you avoid asking, you are sure not to succeed. If you do ‘ask’, what do you have to lose?

“Have you requested reviews?”

Business Statistics Sales:

Likewise, do you ask for referrals? Not comfortable doing so? Why? Again, if you avoid the ‘ask’ you are not likely to get a referral. If you ask, you may get one or more! Add your “ask” to your signature line on emails, on your business card and on your invoices.

Have you requested reviews? It’s the same principle here. The statistics are quite high as far as what helps prospective clients determine whether they will do business with a particular firm. Positive reviews, whether on your website, Google My Business page, or elsewhere, will get you additional business.

Ask! You have nothing to lose!

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