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A Peek At Kuel Life’s Thought Leader, Gayle Petrillo

Gayle Petrillo has been on the roster of Kuel Life Thought Leaders practically from the start. She believed in the mission – NORMALIZING AGING for women, everywhere.

She said “YES” to me, even when there wasn’t much to brag about. If you’ve been enjoying and learning from Gayle for a while, here’s an opportunity to learn a bit more about her.

Here’s A Little Peek At Our Very Own Gayle Petrillo:

KUELLIFE: What type of business do you own/run?

Gayle: First Impressions is celebrating it’s 5th year in business. It is an image consulting, career and confidence building coaching company. I enhance my client’s self-confidence whether they are interviewing for colleges, first or mid-life roles or transitioning careers. We create stand-out resumes, conduct mock interviews, provide negotiation strategies, work on networking skills, and work with our client’s wardrobes and transition closets. For organizations, my consulting work includes team building and customer service training and support.

Gayle’s Entrepreneur By Accident Journey:

KUELLIFE: What prompted you or drove you to become an entrepreneur? When?

“I want to help others overcome their obstacles”

Gayle: I became an entrepreneur by accident. After walking away from the best position, I ever had (executive director of a large, multi-specialty medical practice which was 1 ½ hrs from home) I struggled to find another right fit, so I created First Impressions. Recalling how I had to overcome fears and phobias and a lack of self-confidence when applying for jobs, I want to help others overcome their obstacles.

KUELLIFE: What’s your biggest struggle?

Gayle: My biggest struggle is keeping the pipeline full. I work with some of my clients on a single project such as creating their resume or identifying a perfect outfit for a special occasion. I coach other clients from 1-9 months as they reach their goal of landing in the right college or ideal career role.

Honest Communications:

KUELLIFE: What is your biggest fear as an entrepreneur? How do you work through it?

“My success is measured by the 5 star google reviews..”

Gayle: My biggest fear is having a client not find success. I work through it by having open, honest communications in person and through email at various stages of our work together.

KUELLIFE: How do you measure your success?

Gayle: My success is measured by the 5 star google reviews I receive as well as referrals from happy clients.

KUELLIFE: Finally, what advice would you give other women about taking an entrepreneurial path?

Gayle: My advice for taking the entrepreneurial path is to connect with other women entrepreneurs. I encourage business owners to ask questions, find an accountability partner, and surround yourself with other positive leaders who have strengths that differ from yours to get varying perspectives.

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