Gayle has taught three classes for Future Forward Foundation.  The first one, Dressing for Success, focused on the importance of making a good first impression by providing the audience with tools on dressing the part (any part), eye contact, listening skills and etiquette. The second class, Resume Writing, provided real examples of resumes, how to get them noticed, and resume templates and key words. The third class, Interview Skills, discussed the necessity of being prepared for the different types of interviews; for example the behavioral interview.

All three  presentations were well organized and used valuable hands-on lessons.  Everyone walked away with either new information or good reminders.  We have engaged her for a full six class series and look forward to the next event because every class has been so good.

Gayle has a great depth of knowledge on all these subjects, so the confidence she projects comes from a broad spectrum of study.   She is poised to answer every question in a way that uplifts the person asking.  Her smile and positive attitude are truly contagious.  You will be glad that you have engaged her services.
                                                              Lina K. Austin
                                                             Executive Director

I recently had the pleasure of using Gayle's guidance in creating a very professional looking resume for my friend.  I gave Gayle a very rough looking resume and she created a very professional looking resume that got my friend in the door at two different companies.  The flow of the resume was corrected and his job experiences were put into a format employers are looking for.  I truly believe without her expertise in making the needed improvements to his resume he would not have had the opportunity to interview with either company.  If someone needs help with their resume and the interview process, I would highly recommend Gayle's First Impressions services.​​
                                                                     Dave M
                                                                     Marketing Manager
I enjoyed my experience getting help with finding professional attire that not only looks presentable but also is personalized to me. I appreciate Gayle's patience, advice and passion helping me build confidence through my wardrobe. As a recent graduate fronm the University of Arizona it is a really great experience to learn what organizations are looking for and how to dress to make a memorable (first) impression. I also appreciate Gayle's knowledge and expertise working on my resume because this is a very important part of my next journey!
                                                            Katrina V.

                                                            Graduate, University of Arizona         

I'm one of those gals who says, "I have nothing to wear" even though my closet is full of clothes! Gayle and I chatted and though skeptical (closets are very personal, right!), I hired her as my wardrobe consultant. I was nervous  at first but she had me feeling comfortable right away. We started at one end of my closet and soon I had several 'new' outfits that I was able to wear, both casually and to travel for business meetings and even more dressy events. I now have the confidence to put different items together that I previously would not have thought about. I love shopping in my own closet --- and saving $$$. I highly recommend Gayle for her energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and gift of gab.
                                                                                                    Diane S.

                                                                                                                    Business Owner

I was very pleased with the services I received from First Impressions. It was an educational experience in which I learned how to manage my closet, pair items and accessorize that continues to help me make decisions every day. Honestly it was a little bit scary and personally embarrassing because of the state of my closet.  Gayle came in, was very sweet and professional. I felt comfortable right away. I would highly recommend First Impressions if you feel overwhelmed by your closet or wardrobe or you look at your closet full of clothes and say, "I have nothing to wear!" There is help out there! ​

                                                                                  Andrea H.
                                                                                  Certified Social Worker

Gayle and I went shopping for some new outfits. She has a great style and makes the experience of shopping fun. She pays attention to your likes and dislikes and respects them. Thank you! 

                                                                                  Maria Ramirez-Trillo

I recently had the pleasure of doing a wardrobe consultation with Gayle Petrillo. She came to my home, and in less than an hour and a half, went through my whole closet with me, and helped me put several new outfits together using the clothes, shoes and accessories I already have. She showed me several ways to dress up more casual items, gave me ideas for polished, professional outfits appropriate to wear for public speaking, and also gave me lots of good ideas for more casual, fun, date night outfits. She also helped me layer items I would have never thought to put together on my own. It was fun--and also very helpful. I came away with a clear sense of which clothes of mine are the most versatile pieces, and I also came away feeling like I have a much bigger wardrobe--so many new outfits, even though I didn’t spend a dime to buy anything new! I feel more confident about putting together beautiful, stylish outfits for any occasion. Gayle is warm, friendly, easy to talk to and always seems happy to help. I highly recommend her to any woman wanting to dress more stylishly, boost confidence and put her best foot forward.​​​​​
                                                                                Lisa Talev
                                                                                Owner, Inspired Wellness Tucson, LLC.

I just visited both your site and FB event page... You have a unique concept- I love that you are working with everyday people and their everyday wardrobe.. it isn’t difficult to find fashion shows for the wealthy. However, helping everyone else with a normal budget is inspiring. 
On your website, your focus to bring professionalism and self pride back into the workplace is simply smart. It’s those concepts and especially ones like keeping gossiping out of the office that seem to have been lost in time.  
                                                  Keri Hazel, Photographer