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First Impressions is an image consulting firm. The image you project is analyzed in the first 7 to 30 seconds of meeting someone. This individual may be your next employer or referral source! We work with individuals to present your best written image and coach you on presentation skills including body language, listening skills, eye contact and dressing the part. We help assess and build your wardrobe, improve interview skills,  provide networking strategies, and hone etiquette and social skills.

   Dress for the Part

  Etiquette and Social Skills


You have 30 seconds or less to make a first impression. It's more than what you wear. People you meet observe your body language, eye contact, tone of voice and etiquette.  What is the difference between business professional and business casual? What's the first impression you make ?

​Where is your cell phone?  Is it off? On vibrate?  Which utensil or water glass is yours?  What do you do when someone opens a door for you?

Wardrobe Analysis

Do you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear? You can increase the number of outfits you have without spending additional money. ​ Let us transform your closet!​

Your cover letter and resume are usually the first opportunity to make a First Impression. What do employers look for when identifying the best candidates? How will you stand out among all the other candidates? What is your paper image?

Once you've landed an interview, are you prepared to present your personal best?

Networking Strategies

Networking is an art form. It's more than exchanging your business card with another person. Good first impressions are the door openers for you to make important contacts and obtain referrals. How do you network?

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