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First Impressions is an image consulting firm. The image your organization projects is analyzed in the first 7 to 30 seconds of their first contact with your business.  We support companies with customer service training, secret shopper experiences, and other business services . 

Customer Service Training

Gossip Avoidance


Smiles are contagious! Encounters with your customers are crucial to every successful business. Negative impressions are communicated rapidly today! Do you know what 'active listening' is? How can you and your staff exceed customer expectations every time?

Dress for the Part 

Gossip can be trivial and harmless. It also can be detimental and hurtful in any size office environment. At its worse, gossip is insidious and influences morale, reduces productivity, impact employee retention, and affects customer satisfaction. Ultimately your financial bottom line is touched.​​

Geese can teach us a lot! What makes a strong team? How important is recognition? Is everyone comfortable being recognized?​​

Secret Shopper

You have 30 seconds or less to make a first impression. It's more than what you wear. People you meet observe your eye contact,  body language, tone of voice and etiquette. What's the first impression you make ?
Get an unbiased look at your business from your customers' perspective. Restaurants, apartments, car dealerships,  retail stores, and health care organizations have received valuable feedback. What are your customers experiencing ?

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